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Packing tubes in any configuration required

On completion of the automated cutting process, all tubes are packed. This may range from boxing up ten thousand tubes, to placing just ten in a crate. Solutions for bundling and stacking the processed product can be tailored to your particular circumstances. Once ready, products can be released and packed. From large to small and from flexible to large-volume solutions.

Continuous tube packing process

The process of packing the tubes takes place without a single interruption. Is the crate full? No need to stop work. We are talking about a fully continuous automated process, in which a robot literally takes packing off your hands. No knowledge of the robot’s programming is required.

Automated of scalable packing

While each process can be fully automated, the solutions are also scalable. We discuss these options during construction of the total cutting line solution. A semi-automated solution for one process does not exclude the possibility of a fully automated one for subsequent processes. The periphery you require is decisive in selecting the solution. The tubes can be bundled and stacked in crates, boxes, pallets and cases, before being dispatched to their ultimate destination.

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