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Indicators for monitoring and online support

Besides expertise, we at Bewo are renowned for our vigilance. Is an industrial cutting machine consuming more power than expected during cutting? That is an important indicator to us. We share insights with you and explain how a process could be improved.

Data reports

Customers receive data reports from us in their preferred format. Such a data report shows exactly how many items are manufactured per hour. While this may be useful information, does it actually yield solutions for improvement? We provide the solutions. We interpret data into readings that are of true value to you in your endeavours to make progress.

Schedule of recommendations

We accumulate the monitored data in a schedule that helps raise the cutting process to a higher level. For example, what is the tool life of your saw blades? After cutting an x number of products, the saw blade is blunt. By meticulously examining your application, we can enable you to raise the x figure by 10% in future. The schedule of recommendations that we provide helps improve processes and productivity alike. We view it simply as relieving the customer’s burden.

Online support

In addition to monitoring and providing solutions, we offer online support. It may comprise standard support in the event of a breakdown. However, our support also comes in the form of a phone call to inform you we have identified an indicator: something that is not yet a problem, but could become one in the future.

Identifying pointers and sharing insights

By monitoring, we remain abreast of the number of types of products you process per hour. If we identify an opportunity to increase this number by 10% or more, we share our insight immediately. We perform a proactive role and monitor the process in the broadest sense of the word. Our extensive global experience enables us to readily identify pointers. You also have the option of availing yourself of this additional service.

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