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Peculiar cross-sections for furniture

The precision tubes required by the furniture industry are by no means all round or square. The tubes used in this sector often have a peculiar cross-section. The Bewo automatic cutting machine (linken naar pagina automatische zaagmachines) meets this demand for flexibility.

Scratch-free cutting

The aesthetic aspect of precision tubes for the furniture industry plays a decisive role in the search for the appropriate cutting machine. The right choices of handling and vice jaws are therefore vital. The surfaces of such tubes can only be kept scratch-free by selecting the right sort of jaws.

Machining a flexible and fragile product

Residual swarf has to be removed efficiently during the cutting process. Bewo cutting machines offer various finishing options, such as deburring, which implies removing sharp edges from the material. Compressed air removal of swarf is by far the most popular of tube cleaning options. The tubes can also be rinsed and dried.


When it comes to keeping fragile products intact, it is important to avoid direct contact with the tubes during transport. On completion of the cutting machine operations, the products can be subjected to an automated packing process (linken naar pagina verpakken).

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