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Flexible production of structural tubes

The structural tubes used in construction, infrastructure and livestock accommodation have to flexibly cut to length using an appropriate professional cutting machine. This includes the tubes used in warehouse racking, heating systems, fencing and livestock partitions.

Turnkey project

Companies that are engaged as a contractor on a turnkey project often require substantial batches of identical products. Bewo cutting machines are capable of sawing, for example, the tubes required for the construction of a new building, exactly to size and according to precise tolerances.


The structural tubes that are custom-made using a Bewo automatic cutting machine, are often of substantial dimensions, weight and circumference. Once the tubes are cut, several processes can be applied to turn them into semi-finished products. This makes the application flexible. Do all tubes have to have holes or other punched apertures? If so, this is carried out during the punching process. The machined tubes can then be sent directly to the paint shop.

CPO manually operated saw

Alongside the electric cutting machine, the CPO manually operated circular saw remains a popular application, particularly in the construction & infrastructure sector. After all, the manually operated saw enables the operator to adopt a flexible approach to machining the tube. Its vice jaws are self-centring, which enables the operator to conveniently use a mitre block to execute a right or left mitre cut. As a result, the saw always has the ideal point of contact, which reduces wear on the sawblade. Low maintenance and a long service life make this manually operated saw a popular machine concept in the construction & infrastructure sector.

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