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Checking machined metal tube

During product control of a machined metal tube, the cutting line carries out a length check or another quality check. This can be combined with traceability, which involves marking each tube using a printer, laser or pin marking.

Length check

During a length check, the metal tubes are measured one by one. If a tube exceeds the specified tolerances, it is set aside. Cpk (process capability index) and SPC (statistical process control) values are established for all measurements. The tolerance differs from one product to another, as it is set by the customer. Statistical process analyses are a common requirement in the aerospace and automotive industries in particular. Apart from length measurement, a random sample measurement is a popular solution in the area of product control. In fact, the automated cutting line can render the processing of products fully traceable if required.

Specifications dependent on standards

Traceability enables you to establish how and when a product was manufactured. The need for length measurement depends largely on the application of your end product. We can advise you in this regard. Depending on your needs, we can set the cutting line up to identify any particular tube that fails to meet the required specifications. We present the Cpk value of the product you process in accordance with the standards applicable in the market in which it is used.

Automatic versus manual length control

A length check is performed automatically. Combining this with a manual (absolute) length check measurement enables one to manufacture products that are fully compliant with the quality requirements.

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