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Efficient operating process? This can only be achieved by means of customised consultancy

Your needs in devising a cutting solution call for need customisation. The fact that Bewo technologies are tried and trusted worldwide enables us to provide such customisation. Our consultants listen to your personal wishes and are committed to offering advice. We strongly feel that a genuine total solution invariably entails ongoing commitment, both solicited and unsolicited.

We devote continuous attention to process optimisation, consulting closely with the customer to establish where in the workshop a machine truly comes into its own. We also carefully consider the added value that a packaging robot would offer.

Performing a quick scan

Our consultants regularly perform free quick scans for customers. Such a quick scan provides specific information that indicates how one might improve processes and increase capacity. A quick scan comprises various stages, the first of which is to examine the market and changing demands. Where are the current challenges in terms of your automation issues? We are curious about the ratio of quality to productivity, but also consider the type of material and initial lengths. This is followed by a site visit, during which we make a scan of the entire process and examine the status of the machine. What follows is an interview with those people who operate and maintain the machine. This yields a quick scan report containing recommendations. These consist of a summary and conclusions and a list of follow-up actions.

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