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When enquiring about saws and the associated cutting line, people often ask whether we can achieve a combination of high productivity and a high degree of flexibility. We achieved that happy medium quite some time ago. It is not without good reason that we continue to invest in the ongoing development of existing and innovative concepts. While every solution is customer-specific, the call for a blend of productivity and flexibility is a continually recurring one. We can therefore provide solutions for industries that are miles apart in terms of requirements, but ultimately all want the same thing: a reliable, high performance cutting line.

Automatic cutting lines

In constructing automatic cutting lines, we utilise industrial cutting machines and automatic saws that have a high output, while remaining flexible.

This implies that the machine can be rapidly switched around, enabling it to achieve several thousand applications per hour. We invariably the happy medium that enables the cutting line to offer the perfect blend of productivity and flexibility. If you are keen to further automate processes, then you may opt to start in the warehouse where tubes are stored ready for processing, and to finish in the logistics department. In close consultation with you, we consider which applications are best suited to your particular circumstances. After all, the process involves a great deal more than just sawing. As there is considerable demand for various types of product finishing, Bewo cutting machines can also deburr, chamfer, measure and rinse tubes.

Innovative machinery

Each machine has a modular structure. A downstream process behind a cutting machine need not necessarily be manufactured by Bewo. Various combinations are conceivable. Bewo can also offer advice on and even supply modules that are not part of its own production line. Furthermore, all solutions are scalable, enabling you to apply highly innovative machinery.

Scratch-free cutting

When it comes to the process of cutting, customers that manufacture vulnerable products prefer to opt for a solution that avoids any scratching. It is therefore vital that one make the right choices in terms of handling and contact surfaces. The choice of contact materials is a vital issue with a view to achieving scratch-free cutting. Furthermore, contact during transport should be avoided wherever possible. And last but not least, we recommend efficient swarf removal in the cutting zone. This final objective can be achieved by cutting from the bottom up. The saw is located underneath in this case, which implies that swarf falls downwards, rather than scattering over the surface of the product. This also renders the cutting line bot more readily accessible and safer. By facilitating improved swarf removal, we make the cutting process more convenient.

Vice that prevents deformation during cutting

Proportional cutting was originally adopted when sawing a single tube. However, we have now developed a method of proportional cutting suitable for multiple tubes. This yields both higher output and a prolonged tool life for the sawblade. The electric jaws that the cutting line can be equipped with, automatically setting the required force according to the pipe size and material. Therefore also suitable for clamping thin-walled materials. The benefit of electric vice jaws in a critical process is that it enables machining of a range extending from small to large using a single universal tool. Moreover, the vice jaws are also suitable for particularly thin-walled tubes, thus avoiding deformation. This application is greatly appreciated in the automotive and furniture industries.

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