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Professional metal cutting machines

One cutting machine that is widely defined as both professional and indestructible is the Bewo CPO. In fact, the CPO is the most copied machine in the world. This manually operated circular saw, which expertly cuts metal profiles to size, is universally applicable. All parts for both the CPO 250 and the CPO 315 manually operated circular saws for metal are available from stock in our webshop. For more information you can download the brochure.

Various types of industrial circular saws

Why has the CPO long remained so popular among all industrial circular saws? Probably because it is so simple to use, versatile and robust. The industrial radial arm saw is modular, and can be upgraded to a production line for cutting metal tubes by adding feed and discharge systems.

Professional industrial cutting machines

We have all parts in stock for professional machinery, such as the CPO manually operated saw. Its design has been further developed and evolved throughout the past sixty years. All parts are nevertheless compatible. This includes components such as guards and handles. When it comes to replacing a part, it therefore makes no difference whether you purchased the machine ten or fifty years ago.

Life span of a BEWO cutting machine

The Bewo CPO cutting machine has a long service life thanks to its robust gearbox and saw motor. Its entire construction is of heavy duty quality. The sound interior mechanism features a bronze worm wheel and cast iron parts. This renders the Bewo CPO extremely hard-wearing. Just as you would expect of an industrial cutting machine.

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