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Installing and testing the machine

Every single Bewo cutting machine is professionally constructed, from start to finish, in our 3000m² workshop of in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Once built according to specific customer requirements, the machine is then disassembled and prepared for transport. We subsequently install and test the cutting line at the customer’s premises. We also vouch for its seamless integration in the production process. Installation is carried out by either a Bewo installer or a local authorized partner. And even following installation, Bewo or a local partner continues to provide service and support.

Training of those involved

We provide training for literally anyone who is to work on the line. If you are based abroad, however, an authorised local partner provides training in your own language, of course. Or you may prefer to attend a pre-training course at the Bewo factory. This ensures that those involved are already familiar with the machine by the time it is installed at your premises. Training may take just one or several days, depending on your particular needs.

The possibilities remain flexible

Feedback from training course participants is a valuable resource. People regularly inform us how amazed they were by the performance possibilities available. And high production rates and substantial performance can indeed be achieved. The advanced options of our packing robot also amaze people. The packing options that a robot offers are also numerous and therefore flexible: In fact, the robot is so flexible that the settings can be changed in a jiffy. While some customers prefer to manage the project themselves, others opt for turnkey delivery.


Companies opt for Bewo cutting lines on the basis of the reliability and long service life of all our products. Furthermore, we endeavour to assist customers wherever possible. We provide a total solution that comprehensively addresses every issue, while also bearing the customer’s wishes in mind. We can even make existing machinery can perform better by carrying out appropriate process optimisation. To us, speed and reliability are vital factors in serving our customers.

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