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Automatic cutting machines

If you opt for one of our automatic cutting machines, we provide you with a solution that will make you even more successful. We invariably strive to find the most suitable solution, and are therefore curious about the ideas a customer has in mind when opting for a new automatic saw.

Smart electric cutting machines

We consider not only your ideas, but also your needs. Paying close regard to these matters enables us to get a better sense of your company. Information can only be acquired by asking further questions. We like to understand exactly how you work. We then make the move to propose the appropriate solution. This is the only means of ensuring our electric cutting machines offer you with a customised solution that is entirely in keeping the envisaged machining process.

Automatic cutting machine for metal tubes or profiles (automatic saw)

Are you looking for an automatic cutting machine that cuts metal based on high productivity? Or would you prefer to opt a flexible application, rather than an automatic saw. In that case, our consultants consider together with you which application is most suitable for cutting metal tubes. Given our eighty-five years of experience in serving global customers, we invariably devise a solution that we can construct at our workshop in Waalwijk.

Cutting process optimisation

The appropriate electric cutting machine solution for application in the automotive industry is, of course, entirely different to that for the furniture industry. While the one requires a high level of productivity, the other calls for flexibility. We regularly visit customers with a view to extending more detailed advice based on what we observe there. After all, every solution we propose has to yield greater success. Such visits also strengthen our conviction that we have found the appropriate solution for a particular customer requirement.

Hybrid productivity versus flexibility

The product range is ultimately a decisive factor in selecting the most suitable type of automatic cutting machine. What are the dimensional parameters of the products to be machined? The solution an automatic cutting machine for metal tubes offers can be scalable: switching from one product to another within a minute, or multiple cutting and processing 6,000 products per hour on the other hand. Furthermore, we can create a suitable hybrid for everything in between the two.

Setting the cutting programme using barcodes

We tailor any electric cutting machine solution offered to your particular processing needs. The cutting machine sets itself automatically by scanning the barcode on the product or initial material to be processed. This enables you to operate the machine highly conveniently!

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