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Bewo; pioneer and market leader in professional cutting machines

Industrialisation began to take greater shape in the aftermath of WWII. While the manually operated circular saw became increasingly popular, there was nevertheless a simultaneous need for higher production capacity. This prompted the call for automation, to which we also responded. Since the nineteen-fifties, our workshop has been fully engaged in the in-house development and construction of cutting systems. We were therefore a pioneer and have since become the Dutch market leader. While our customers previously processed up to around a thousand tubes a day, the advent of the automatic cutting machine soon raised output to tens of thousands.

Increasing numbers of integrated processes carried out automatically

Similarly to our customers, we soon perceived that there was much more to product machining than automatic sawing alone. We therefore responded to the call for further processes automation. And this also applies to product finishing. These days, Bewo cutting lines can also deburr, chamfer, measure, rinse and pack tubes. These are all examples of integrated processes that we have automated. That is who we are nowadays: a group of people who know how to automate processes relating to the cutting of tubes and profiles for customers. All over the world, people in thousands of workshops and factories rely on the success of our service, solutions and reliable products.

About Bewo

Machinery as part of the total solution

Our people are proud of the product they make and find it extraordinary that a single product has so many different technical aspects. This consists of much more than simply connecting machines. Companies rely on us for the grand scheme of things. They set us a challenge, and we jointly devise the most suitable application to serve their customers. Every cutting machine is part of a turnkey solution that we devise for our customers. Maintenance packages have become a more or less obvious part of this solution. We endeavour to unburden the customer wherever possible after all, enabling them to focus on their core business and do what they do best.

Parent company, Nivora Holding B.V.

Since 2008 Bewo Cutting Systems became a part of Nivora Holding B.V. together with other Dutch metalworking machine manufacturers. A total workforce of some 400 is engaged under the Nivora banner in the Netherlands, which generates turnover in excess of €75 million. Nivora is committed to the sustainable development and retention of industrial knowledge and employment in the Netherlands. We are proud of the fact that every machine produced throughout our some 3,000 square metres of workshop space is manufactured in the Netherlands. As a foundation, Nivora offers us the opportunity to view things from the long-term perspective. Every new development just helps us concentrate on that dot on the horizon. And this sort of focus can only be achieved with sufficient scope and craftsmanship around you.

Continually expanding worldwide

The people who work for Bewo on a daily basis are the organisation’s most important asset. It is no coincidence that we have been supplying cutting machines to companies operating in the automotive industry, construction & infrastructure and furniture industries, as well as tube manufacturers and metal wholesalers since 1945. They operate all over the world, too, from Europe to America and from Japan to Mexico. These collaborations have provided us with a hefty chunk of experience. Based on this knowledge and expertise, our consultants and experts continue to devise today’s total solutions.


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