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Precision tube cutting

A Bewo professional cutting machine meets the automotive industry’s demand for high productivity. The cutting machines that produce precision tubes for the automotive industry are highly reliable and largely automated. After cutting the precision tubes, the cutting machine can carry out the required finishing. This includes processes such as deburring or chamfering, whereby a precise edge is applied to end of the tube. Any tolerance can be accurately applied.


Once cut and machined, each tube can also be marked, for example with a laser. This renders the tubes traceable. This is the only means of tracking each component throughout the production process. Our CPK software also clearly identifies which tubes are compliant with the standards applicable in the automotive industry, and which not. Insight into all the data also enables one to readily identify the cause of any subsequent problem. Our service engineers are adept at identifying problems and swiftly solving them.

Extremely high availability

Our range of automatic cutting machines (hyperlink plaatsen naar pagina automatische zaagmachines) deliver just in time. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown case of downtime, we contact you within 24 hours with a view to enabling production to resume as soon as possible. All Bewo professional cutting machines offer extremely high availability. In the automotive industry in particular, one invariably wants to be able to deliver to customers just in time. This can only be achieved using a reliable and high-performance system.

Our global network enables us to swiftly assist customers in the automotive industry. Global customers greatly appreciate the fact that local partners are available at all times. This promotes a sense of trust and security.

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