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Additional services as a tube manufacturer

Tube manufacturers offer customers solutions that enable them to please their own clients. As a manufacturer, you basically supply the initial material, in which regard a reliable and productive cutting machine enables you can add even more value to the chain. This approach yields increased revenue. Bewo’s experts put their heads together with you to establish which automatic cutting machine is most suitable to provide the service you want to offer your customers.

High production capacity

The tubes that your customers need must all be cut, which calls for high production capacity. In addition to the cutting process, you want to be able to offer finishing, such as deburring and chamfering. This also applies to product control, which makes every tube traceable.

Packing and shipping all over the world

The correct packaging of the goods is of great value to tube manufacturers, as the tubes have to be shipped to a customer after processing. This calls for convenient packages or stacks, with which our various types of cutting machines can be aligned. Bewo automatic cutting machines are sold to the customers of tube manufacturers all over the world. Our global partner network enables us to offer them the service required, regardless of where they are based.

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