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Replacing cutting line components

Wherever an industrial cutting machine is used productively day in day out, parts occasionally fail or have to be regularly replaced. Bewo’s standardised and modular approach also enables us to supply a considerable range of widely used parts from stock. These parts can be delivered to your premises within 24 hours.

Signal function for replacement parts

We can still deliver spare parts for all generations of Bewo machinery. In fact, for the latest models, we can tell you exactly when your machine parts need to be replaced, based on our monitoring figures. You will therefore hear from us as soon we notice this.

Communication regarding the need to fit alternative parts

In the event that parts such as electrical components are no longer available, we do our utmost to find a suitable alternative. In our communication, we keep customers informed about such alternative parts and suitable conversion kits available. To us, this is a natural extension of our pledge to provide full service.

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