Easy Engineering: How important is innovation and R&D for actual and future products?

BEWO: Our latest innovation was the development of an integrated chamfer machine into our cutting machines.

Animation film of the integrated chamfer

Nowadays the demand for cutting with integrated chamfering feasibility at both tube ends is gaining towards traditional cutting in combination with deburring. In order to maintain our market position, we need to have this possibility as well.

E.E: What are the needs of the users on the markets that you are active? 

BEWO: We see a tendency in the market that products more and more require chamfering instead of deburring at the tube ends. With the aid of chamfering, you can obtain a defined tube end, which is often required especially in the automotive industry. But also, other processes, like bending, that often comes after cutting requires a more defined tube end.

E.E: What products/solutions does your company bring that are the most innovative?

BEWO: Cutting with integrated chamfering is not new in the market, but Bewo created a concept that results in an excellent balance between flexibility and productivity. The benefit of that is that the cost of ownership for such products remains competitive into the market.

E.E: What are the challenges that users encounter in their line of work?

BEWO: In the tube cutting industry, especially in the automotive market, JIT delivery with absolute assurance are key points to survive. This is absolutely our starting point for our innovations. This finally results in a high grade of process automation in combination with an excellent and reliable Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

E.E: How does innovation help them in these situations?

BEWO: Our new control system allows the continuous monitoring of the OEE. Besides this we gather these data from various machines to set a bench market for our machines. Using this data in the best way, our customers together with Bewo have input how this situation can be improved. Bewo offers customers various programs to take care of this continuous improvement program.

E.E: How is digitalization changing your field of activity?

BEWO: Coming back to the demand of JIT delivery quick and reliable planning of the jobs is critical. The best way to ensure this, is a direct connection of the installation with the ERP system from the customer. Currently all of our production lines offer this option. By performing simulations before releasing the production we assure that all orders are capable within the feasibility of the machines. With the special feature “nesting” we also optimize the sequence of orders in order to produce it economically.

E.E: What tasks/processes can users do easier and more efficient with your products/solutions because of innovation?

BEWO: Our new control system facilitates the operation of the machine and become less operator dependent. The control contains intelligence to A) create cutting programs based on product data B) nesting to reduce scrap rate drastically and C) may set up other functions automatically rather than leaving it to the choice of the operator.

E.E: Tell us some tips & tricks about prevention / maintenance for your products/solutions?

BEWO: The data we collect from the monitoring of the performance of the machine will be used as input for preventive maintenance. By doing so we can adapt these maintenance schedules to the individual use and circumstances of each customer. This creates customization with the goal of minimizing the costs of maintenance without compromising the availability of the machine. Upon customer wishes the data from this monitoring are linked with our service department. In combination with a service agreement, we totally unburden the customer, making sure our slogan We take care is taken care of.

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